Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Indonesian Archipelago

      The Indonesian archipelago is by far the world's largest group of more than 13,667 islands which stretches across 5,120 km (3,200 miles) of tropical seas like string of emeralds. If superimposed on a map of North America, Indonesia stretches from Oregon all the way to Bermuda. On a map of Europe, the archipelago extends from Ireland past the Caspian Sea. More than 200 million people inhabit this archipelago.
      Known to anthropologists and naturalist as "The Malay Equatorial Line", the equatorial line is an imaginary line dividing the earth into two parts from the east to the west in the tropical zone. This make Indonesian have two seasons, the wet and dry season. Because of its location many kinds of flora and fauna live there. According to the astronomical location, Indonesia lies between 6 degrees North Latitude and 11 degrees South Latitude and between 95 degrees East Longitude and 141 degrees East Longitude.

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